• I thought gas was bad for the environment?
    Gas is a low carbon fuel and also has low pollution emissions. Using gas directly in the home has a lower environmental impact than generating electricity with gas and then using the electricity.
  • What’s the difference between natural gas and LPG?
    Natural gas is supplied through a pipe network to your home and LPG is a supplied in cylinders. The gases have slightly different properties but both offer the same performance for hot water, heating and cooking.
  • What can I use gas for in my home?
    Typical uses for gas are hot water heating, heating, using either space heaters, central heating or gas fireplaces, and cooking. Gas is also often used outdoors for BBQ’s, outdoor fireplaces and heaters.
  • Is natural gas and LPG safe to use?
    Yes. All gas installations and gas appliances are covered by strict compliance regulations to ensure safety. Gas appliances are very common around the world and gas enjoys a very strong reliability and safety record.
  • Are heat pumps better than gas heating?
    Both gas heaters and heat pumps are effective heating solutions. Running costs are similar to heat pumps on natural gas – LPG costs a little more, but still much less than resistance electric heating. Gas is a very powerful fuel and heats quickly and quietly. Gas can also add ambience through the use of a gas fireplace. These are now very popular throughout New Zealand and the world.
  • What does a gasfitter do and why do I need to hire one?
    A gasfitter is a trained, registered and licenced person who specialises in the installation of gas appliances. It is essential to use a gasfitter for any gas installation work. Gasfitters are also experts in the various solutions available and can offer advice on the best system for your needs.
  • Where does gas come from?
    Gas is extracted from reservoirs underground and processed to meet an exacting specification for domestic and commercial use. LPG is a by-product of natural gas processing.

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