Gas and the Environment

Gas in a low carbon future

Using gas in your home allows you to be kinder to the environment.

A May 2018 Concept Consulting report considered the Electricity Generation Implications of Large-Scale Fuel Switching from Gas to Electricity.

When used directly, gas has fewer carbon emissions than peak time electricity - see the proof in the Consumer Energy Options report.

By using gas for your home heating, hot water and cooking, you’ll be releasing fewer greenhouse gas emissions than if you burned gas to make electricity in power stations.

You’ll be reducing your family’s carbon footprint. Click here to find out more about Gas in a nett zero cabon world.

The Centre for Advanced Engineering in Canterbury reports that if we all used gas for water and home heating instead of electricity we could cut New Zealand’s CO2 output by nearly two million tonnes per annum.


Gas home heating is clean – it doesn’t release ash or dust particles in the air, which causes smog. So you’ll be doing your bit for our air quality as well!


You'll be pleased to know there is plenty of gas to fuel your home and every other home in New Zealand for a very, very long time

Be kinder to the environment with gas in your home