Natural Gas

When it comes to heating and cooking, natural gas is one of your best options. Natural gas is reliable, efficient, cost-effective and kinder to the environment than most other forms of heating.

Appliance & Gas Supplier Options

Natural gas is cheaper

Most natural gas appliances cost less money to run than electric appliances, so you can enjoy the benefits of a warm home, hot water and delicious cooking without breaking the bank.

Natural gas is reliable

Since natural gas pipes are underground, outages are rare as well, which means you can be confident that you will have a warm home, hot water and delicious food, even in a blackout.

Heating, cooking, and more

Natural gas home heating options range from space heaters and fireplaces to ducted multi-room systems and central heating. Whatever your needs, there will be a natural gas solution that will be more cost-effective than an electric alternative.
Cooking with gas is favoured by chefs the world over because it heats quickly and has precise temperature control. Food is also more succulent when cooked with gas because of the moisture retained in the food. You don't need a commercial oven to get these results either as there are affordable options for budding chefs of all levels.

Natural gas is available throughout the North Island

Gas heating and cooking appliances, as well as water heating systems, are available throughout the country. You can find solutions to fit your needs and budgets through any one of these suppliers: