LPG is a great heating and cooking solution that is used by homes and businesses all over the country. It is available wherever you live and is easy to switch to. If you are building, renovating or just looking for a way to save money in your household, LPG suppliers will have a solution that is perfect for you.

Appliance & Gas Supplier Options

Heating with LPG

LPG enables you to heat your home quickly and efficiently and in a way that's much kinder to the environment than many other forms of heating.

LPG central heating systems

LPG central heating systems give you complete control over the temperature of your entire home, so you never have to walk into a cold room.They can heat your whole home in minutes and can be zoned controlled for greater flexibility and energy efficiency.New generation LPG central heating systems can also increase fresh air-flow into the house which reduces damp, condensation, stale air and musty smells.

LPG heaters

LPG heaters offer an affordable alternative in a range of colours and styles including modern flame effect fires as well as more traditional models.

LPG heaters are clean, efficient and easy to use, providing instant warmth without the hassle of chopping and storing firewood or coal. In-built fires can be fitted into existing fireplaces and freestanding gas fires can be installed nearly anywhere.There is a wide range of modern LPG appliances available to suit your budget and style.

Cooking with LPG

If you love cooking, you'll love cooking with LPG. With the vast array of designer style cooking appliances and the instant heat and precise control that gas delivers, it's easy to see why gas is the choice of chefs around the world.Not only does LPG cook your food exactly the way you like it, but the water vapour produced keeps food moist and succulent.

LPG hot water systems

Unlimited hot water any time of the day or night - that's the beauty of LPG fire hot water. You'll be able to power through mountains of washing and still have an endless hot water supply for showers and baths, no matter how large your family or how many friends and relatives come to stay.LPG continuous-flow gas hot water systems are reliable, economical, efficient, space saving and allow you to precisely set water temperatures.

You can get gas no matter where you live

You can get either natural gas or LPG in the North Island, and LPG only in the South Island.